Supreme Court Hands Trump Big Win, Blocks Dems Attempt For Secret Grand Jury Documents

The Supreme Court just stepped in and blocked House Democrats’ attempt to gain access to secret grand jury materials from the Mueller probe.

We all know what happened to the Mueller probe so why are the Dems still trying to get access to documents?

They told the Supreme Court they want them because they may impeach Trump again before the election. Which is a bluff.

The Supreme Court sided with Trump for now but want more information from the Trump admin before making a final decision.

From Axios:

The Supreme Court issued a stay on Wednesday denying House Democrats immediate access to secret grand jury materials from the Mueller report in order to give the Trump administration time to appeal a lower court decision.

Why it matters: Democrats say the material could help them determine whether President Trump obstructed the Mueller investigation, possibly requiring new articles of impeachment.

The big picture: The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court earlier this month to temporarily block an appellate ruling that would force the Justice Department to release the grand jury testimony to Congress.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco argued to the Supreme Court that the release of the documents would cause irreparable harm to the executive branch.

Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee said in a filing this week that “the committee’s impeachment investigation related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Russia investigation is ongoing,” and that the grand jury testimony may be relevant.

What to watch: The Supreme Court gave the Trump administration until June 1 to file its appeal.

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